5 tricks for wearing one of this years biggest trends

Start channelling your inner Farah Fawcett because wide leg jeans are officially back in fashion! 

To some the thought of wide leg jeans might be overwhelming, but we’re here to show you how easy it is to style them. In fact, we’re willing to bet you’ll be living in your wide leg Mavi jeans by the end of this post!

1. Keep it simple

We’d be lying if we said a white t-shirt and wide leg jeans wasn’t one of our favourite looks (ever). Elevate this look further by popping on a belt and a pair of heels. Our Kara top is the perfect addition to any wide leg jean.

 @hayleyjconnor wears Sunday Jeans - Ice Ripped Organic blue

2. White button down, but make it fashion

Fewer looks are as chic as an oversized white button down, wide leg jeans and a few accessories – for the fashion-forward pair with a pair of ballet flats!  

3. Experiment with wash

Spice up your wide leg jeans by experimenting with different washes. Our Victoria Jeans in Mid Brushed Organic combined with similar hues create an ultra-sophisticated look.

wears Mavi's Victoria Jeans in Mid Brushed Organic 

4. Double Denim 

It’s should come as no surprise that we love to mix our wide leg jeans with, you guessed it, MORE denim. We recommend keeping your accessories paired back with this look to avoid looking too costume-y. Our Tamara Jacket is the perfect wash for a double denim looks.

 5. When in doubt, add a coat

 Trench coat, leather coat, wool coat – no matter which one you choose, adding a coat to your wide leg jean outfit will help tailor your look and make it look complete.


wears our Sunday jeans in Ice Ripped Organic Blue


Ready for a new pair of wide leg jeans? Here at Mavi we pride ourselves in offering contemporary yet premium denim. Shop our wide leg jean collection to find your denim to live in. Don’t forget to tag us in all your looks! @maviaustralia

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