Are Mid-rise Jeans Still in Style?

Are mid-rise jeans still in style? It’s true that there is a cob-webbed clothesline full of jean styles that are inevitably becoming redundant.

The truth is there’s no telling whether they will resurface. Look what happened to the flares, mom jeans and even corduroy. But is the same thing happening to mid-rise jeans? In some respects yes, maybe 30 % yes. But we are going to jump into the other 70 % of why these staples are going nowhere. We’ll also touch on how to style mid-rise jeans according to the Mavi mid-rise jeans collection.

The Fashion Movement - Trends and Styles

 There is a massive shift in the styles, fits, and fashion in the beautiful blue world of denim. Some speculate that the movement has come from a body-positive aspect protested by the young side of the millennial generation. Tight jeans, ultimately and originally created to flatter a woman's silhouette and physique, has decreased in priority. It certainly hasn’t gone anywhere! But it has decreased.

New are the cuts that value comfort AND style at the same time! A sigh of relief can be heard from every woman who knows what it’s like to feel completely restricted, and the simplest of tasks like crouching, striding, or heaven forbid, getting into a car is strictly off-limits.

We’re not saying you can’t be comfortable in a pair of skinny jeans! In fact, we have a skinny collection that values quality, sustainable denim crafted with a hint of elastane to combat restriction. But for summer days, active outings, and for the sake of versatile outfits, it appears that the looser fits like the mom jean, boyfriend jean, and biker jeans are on their way to the top.

With all of this in mind, where does that leave us with mid-rise jeans?

Are Mid-rise Jeans still in Style?

Mid-rise jeans are a wardrobe staple, and the fact of the matter is they aren't going anywhere - and here’s why. Mid-rise jeans compliment women of all heights and builds.

According to your build, whether you are short in the legs, long in the torso, or just altogether tall in general, the rise of your jeans will differ.

High-rise jeans are suited to women with small legs as it elongates and accentuates the lower body. Whereas a pair of low-rise jeans will make them appear stumpy and shorter than they actually are.

The opposite is true. High-rise jeans will make tall women appear gangly (in some circumstances), but mid to low-rise jeans will complement their build by adding proportion.

But the mid-rise… it honestly doesn’t matter if you’re if you 5’11 or 5 ft flat and mid-rise (depending on the quality of the brand) should sit comfortably and maintain proportion through the legs and torso.

How to Style Mid-rise Jeans

Based on the collection at Mavi Jeans, we're going to run through a few tips on how to style mid-rise jeans including some mid-rise skinny jeans that won’t cut circulation.

So how do you wear mid-rise jeans? Mid-rise jeans are definitely the versatile option out of the low, high and mid-rise trio. And how to wear them kind of depends on your fashion sense.

Typically, they should sit about an inch or so underneath the belly button, so a short top exposing a bit of skin or a long shirt that overlaps is suited.


Mid-rise Jeans | Skinny

Today’s outfit featuring the mid-rise fit showcases the Alexa Mid Supersoft, Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Lo shoes, and a cropped grey sweatshirt.

The Alexa jean is a mid-rise skinny with a mid-rise waist, contrast stitching, and a narrow fit throughout the leg. These jeans have better fit retention, structure, and stretch than any other denim we've ever made, making them ideal for everyday wear.

Fabrication: 44% Cotton 42% Lyocell 13% Polyester 1% Elastane

Fit: Model wears a size 27, available in 24-32.


Mid-rise Jeans | Slim Boyfriend

Emma jeans are a great example of the classic boyfriend style. The mid-rise and narrow leg cuffs at the ankle make these pants perfect for everyday wear. Made with the comfiest denim we've ever produced, these jeans offer excellent fit retention, structure, and stretch, making them ideal for every-day wear.

Worn with the Gayle T-Shirt - White/ Navy Stripe

Fabrication: 72% Cotton 25% Polyester 3% Elastane

Fit: Model wears a size 26 Jean. She is 178cm Tall, has an 81cm bust, 58cm waist and 86cm hips.


Mid-rise Jeans | Flares

Sydney Flare Mid-rise jeans for women are the most distinctive of the bunch. The waistline is mid to high and hugs through the thigh before flaring out into a wide calf and ankle. These pants are both comfy and attractive thanks to their stretch denim construction.

Worn with Belle Sweat in Washed Crimson

44% Cotton 42% Lyocell 13% Polyester 1% Elastane

Fit: Model wears a size 26 jean. She is 178cm tall, has a 81cm bust, 61cm waist & 89cm hips.

Jean Rise Measurements

The measurement of a front rise stretches from the waistband to the crotch seam. If you’re finding the measurement of a back-rise, it’s pretty much the same, but it’s usually a little bigger as it accounts for the fabric used around the butt.

Find what rise suits you based on measurement.

Low-rise Jean Measurement 

The low-rise jean front measurement - 7-9 inches.

Mid-rise Jean Measurement

The mid-rise jean measurement is anywhere from 9-11 inches.

High-rise Jean Measurement

The high-rise jean measurement is 11-13 inches.

Anything over 13 inches is considered a super-rise.

Mavi’s Sustainable Movement

As you can tell, we value exposing how our customers can find an ideal fit that’s going to complement their features and exude comfort and that quality material feels with every stride, #nochafe. But we’re also super into finding new and sustainable ways to continue the denim legacy we’ve strived for over the last 30 years.

We want to work towards building an industry that values Mother Nature as much as it loves its customers.

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