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Haven't been able to find a solid pair of jeans that fits comfortably and looks good? Finding jeans for tall men could be compared to needles in haystacks. But the truth is tall jeans are out there, you just need to find the right brand and the right measurements.

There are certain characteristics to a pair of jeans that suits a taller figure. If you’re buying the wrong ones, it can elongate your legs, portraying similar features to that of the Slender Man himself.

We get it… no judgement, guys can get a complex about being tall and skinny like guys who weigh in on the larger side of the scales. But trust us, we’ve dressed many a 6ft plus gentleman and created balance and proportion, all with the power of a little insight into the fitting world. Enough of the pleasantries, let’s jump in.

Men’s Jeans for the Tall and Thin

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Men’s Jeans for the Tall and Thin

So whether you're shopping online or you’re planning a little trip to the mall on you’re lunch break, you need to consider the five elements of a pair of jeans that’ll contribute to ideal looking and feel on a tall thin frame.


  • The Cut/style
  • Rise/waist to crotch length
  • Break/ankle exposure
  • Colour… 

Now, the above may just look like words and phrases completely unrelated to the fashion industry, but this is the secret sauce to defining jeans that will last a wardrobe lifetime for a tall guy. You may have even experienced this before (cue magical memory flashback twinkle music). You had a pair of jeans a couple years back, and they never failed you once. They suited every outfit, and they had the right amount of stretch to make all occasions comfortable. You probably didn't know what made them so comfortable and stylish; well, the odds are that you coincidentally nailed the four characteristics.

We’ll give you a summary of the perfect combination of the four characteristics, and then we’ll detail them a little bit for those that need a little more insight.

The Perfect Pair of Tall Jeans for Tall Men

The perfect pair of jeans for tall men are a slim to a straight fit, mid-rise, with a slight-break to full-break ankle, in a darker denim. Now if that sounds like a foreign dialect to you then read on for a little more detail.

The cut


Straight leg jeans remain the same width from the knee downwards, usually a heavier denim and perfect for guys with a larger build..


Slim fit jeans are a kind of hybrid between skinny and straight. They taper from the thighs to the ankles creating ample room for bigger guys without appearing too tight.

Straight- slim:

The straight-slim is a notch looser than the slim. There is still a slight tapering but not as noticeable as the pure straight.


Skinny jeans hug tight around the thighs and continue over the calves and ankles. Skinny jeans are usually manufactured from a stretchier denim to combat restriction and, with the right brand, they can still prove as comfortable and practical as any other style.


Halfway between a slim and the skinny, you're finding a skinnier approach to a slim pair of jeans without hugging the legs ‘too much’...
Find more information on the best jeans styles for men.

There are multiple designs and silhouettes within the 5 pillar cuts, but we’d need a 50-page thesis to cover all of them, so let's just stick to the basics.


So what kind of cut suits a taller gentleman?

Clothing is quite conniving in the way that it accentuates what's already there. If you're slightly on the thin side, then wearing skinny jeans will intensify that look, drawing focus to the legs when the focus should be on proportion. Wear a straight or slim style of jean, and remember, when you’re buying this variety, you’ll want to reference a fit guide to find your inner seam. For tall men’s jeans, a long seam from 34 onwards is best suited.


The rise refers to the space between the waistline of the jeans to the crotch.

There are three types of rises;  low, mid, and high rise.

The highrise is going to elongate your legs, which, if you're 6 foot 3 is not exactly the look that you're going for.

The low rise will have a similar effect elongating your torso which, once again, isn’t the best when you're trying to create a well-balanced, proportionate look.


The mid-rise is a perfect balance. Whether you are longer in the torso or legs, the mid-rise will add proportion connecting both halves.

The Break

The break of your jeans refers to where the material cuts off at the ankle. There are five styles of break that are most commonly incorporated in denim designs.

The Cropped Break:

When jeans are rolled up at the ankle.

No Break:

Jeans that cut right at the ankle bone.

Slight Break:

Jeans that cut just below the ankles.

Full Break:
Cutting at the heel

Stacked Break:

Bunched up material above the ankle, creating a stacked effect.


For men climbing 6’0 - 6’3, you want to go with a slight break so that the jean isn’t riding up, exposing those pasty ankles!

For men above 6’3 in height, we’d recommend a full break.

Denim Wash

When we talk about denim wash, we are referring to the colour and style of texture. For tall thin guys, you want to go with a darker denim, or if you insist on a lighter colour go with something without crazy contrasts or detailing that will subconsciously draw focus to the elongality of your build.

What's the Take Away

To sum things up a bit (because there’s a lot of information there...), go with a straight to slim style of jeans and make sure you reference our fit guide to find the correct length inseam. Get a slight to full break ankle and a mid-rise fit through the waist and crotch. We don’t want you to sacrifice colour preference but if you’re nonchalant about it, go with a darker denim to detract focus from those long legs.

At Mavi, we have a dedicated collection of men’s jeans for tall and thin guys. You should check it out - Men’s Tall-Length Jeans. Until next time, happy hunting!