How to Style Mid-rise Jeans with Mavi

If you’re new to the world of mid-rise jeans or how to wear them, here are some tips on how to style mid-rise jeans - you’re new favourite fit.

Mid-rise jeans are the best fitting style for women of all shapes and sizes. They suit most body types because they don't hug the waist like low-rise jeans, with the added benefit of hiding any tummy bulge like high-rise jeans.

The mid-rise style has been around for decades but it’s popularity prevails because it’s so universally flattering. The waistband sits comfortably just below the natural waistline, and the fit hugs the hips following the natural curvature of the waist and butt (if you’ve buying quality).

These jeans are available in various washes, with different cuts from skinny jeans to wide-leg jeans. Better yet, they can easily go from daytime casual to night time formal with minor outfit changes since they offer diversity (and comfort)!

Low-rise vs Mid-rise vs High-rise

Firstly, what is the rise of a jean?

The rise measures the distance from the waist band to the bottom crotch seam. And we’ll go on to discuss why this is so important to take into consideration. In the meantime, low-rise vs mid-rise vs high-rise jeans?

Low-rise Jeans

Low-rise jeans are popular these days because they are seen as trendy, with various cuts showing up, including some old classics like low-rise boyfriend jeans and flares.

Low-rise jeans hug the hips and waist and fit comfortably on the thighs and butt. However, they can also ride down, exposing more of your stomach and hip area, so they are not always the most flattering choice for women with bigger butts.

Mid-rise Jeans

Mid-rise jeans are more versatile and generally cater to all builds from skinny to curvy. They sit right below your belly button, covering your hips and butt but not hugging it as tightly as low-rise jeans do. There are hybrid measurements like the mid to high-rise which incorporates the high-waisted element but not on the same level as the high-rise or ‘super’ high-rise. 

High-rise Jeans

High-rise jeans are perfect for accommodating a vintage look or for shorter women that want to elongate their legs. They are designed to sit at the waist, defining your natural curves. In many popular styles, high-rise jeans will taper to a wide leg - but they are equally worn slim, right to the ankles.

Mavi Jeans stock many cuts and silhouettes catering to diverse tastes and fashion sense. Explore our range of Mid-rise and High-rise Jeans.

Mavi Jeans Womens Collection.

Choose the Appropriate Rise for Your Figure

The reason that the rise of a jean is a considerable factor to making a purchase is it’s aesthetic effect on the proportion of the body.

Mid-rise jeans are optimal for most body types because they provide the perfect balance of coverage and style.

If you have a longer torso and shorter legs, you may want to try high-rise jeans, as they will elongate your body. If you are taller in the legs and shorter in the torso, low-rise jeans extend your torso giving you proportion throughout the body.

Rise Lengths

We get asked about the rise length of mid, low and high-rise jeans all the time, so we have included this in our take on how to style mid-rise jeans.

How High is the Low-rise Jean Length?
Low-rise jeans sit at about 7 to 8 inches.

How High is the Mid-rise Jean Length?
The jean’s rise on the mid generally measures 8-9 inches.

How High is the High-rise Jean Length?
High-rise jeans range from 9-11 inches from the waistband to the crotch seam.

How to Style Mid-rise Jeans

The great thing about mid-rise jeans is that they are loyal to no particular body shape. Finding the balance between the low and high-rise, the mid offers proportion for stout and lanky builds alike.

But once you're in them, understanding how to style mid-rise jeans is an entirely different ball game.

We're taking a few pieces from the Mavi mid-rise collection to showcase our take on how to style mid-rise jeans.



The Dark Golden Gold - A mid to high waisted ankle skinny jean with a soft feel, stretch denim for comfort and mobility.

Clothing: Worn with Romy Midnight Spot.

Fabrication:50% Cotton 48% Lyocell 2% Elastane.

Fit: Model wears a size 26 jean. She is 183cm tall, has an 81cm bust, 58cm waist & 89cm hips.


The Alexa jean is a mid-rise, skinny style with contrast stitching and a slim fit from the knee down. This denim is made of a mid-washed reform fabric and holds its shape over time.

Clothing: Worn with Dylan Utility (Sold out) Shop new season sweats here. 

Fabrication: 92.5% Cotton 5% Polyester 2.5% Elastane

Fit: Model wears a size 26. She is 175cm tall with a 76cm bust, 66cm waist & 86cm hips.


Our Alissa Ankle Jeans are ideal for everyday use with a mid to high-rise waist and skinny leg that ends just above your ankle. These jeans are made of a comfortable feel, stretchy denim, and are ideal for outings, or simply wearing around the house.

Clothing: Worn with Bergs T-Shirt - Lavender Fog/ Grey Stripe

Fabrication: 44% Cotton 42% Lyocell 13% Polyester 1% Elastane.

Fit: Model wears a size 26 jean. She is 180cm Tall, has an 86cm bust, 61cm waist and 91cm hips.

Mavi Jeans’s Mid-rise Collection

We at Mavi firmly believe that styling mid-rise jeans should prioritise your fashion sense first and foremost and then our style tips second! Self expression, the right to feel comfortable, and sustainable practices are the integral components that captures Mavi’s philosophy.

We are working towards a green future, with a number of our mid-rise pieces utilising recycled cotton manufactured with environmentally friendly practices.

For more inspiration on how to wear mid-rise jeans see our Mid-rise Collection at Mavi Jeans!