How to Wear Double Denim

We’re over it! We’ll be wearing this fashion ‘faux-pas’ all spring!

Some people call it a fashion disaster, some people call it chic – and other’s call it by its rightful name the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ (or double denim).

What is it?

Put simply, a Canadian Tuxedo is any double denim look. Denim jeans and jacket? Perfect. Denim dress and denim shoes? You’re ready for the ball. The more denim, the merrier! 

Why is it…. Canadian?

Rumour has it singer Bing Crosby pioneered the Canadian Tux while on a hunting trip in Vancouver, Canada. Allegedly, he attempted to check into his hotel, but given the denim jeans he was wearing, the clerk denied Crosby and his friends a room. Obviously the hotel clerk had no idea who that they were declining one of America’s most famous singers. He was later gifted a denim tuxedo jacket to sport with his jeans and the rest is history!


Although it’s one of the more decisive fashion trends, double denim has been worn and loved by some very important people. The Canadian tux was most famously worn by the late Princess Diana and one of the most iconic couples of the 90’s, Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake (RIP). While more recently celebrities like Kanye West and Julia Fox (also RIP) have been spotted wearing this lewk as well.


Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room. HOW do you wear double denim tastefully? Here at Mavi, we like to think we know a thing of two about denim PLUS I’m Canadian, so we’re basically experts.

The fit:

Let’s start from the bottom-up, shall we? Finding a pair of great fitting jeans is the first step to manifesting your double-denim dreams. Because denim-on-denim is already a statement look, we recommend steering clear of ultra skinny jeans and oversized styles. A straight leg style is perfect for a Canadian tux as it will keep your outfit proportional!

Our Kathleen jeans in Mid Feather Blue are the perfect pair of jeans to start with – they’re high waisted relaxing through the thigh and leg and finishing with a clean hem. We love this wash too because it pairs great with lighter denim on top!


If you’re looking for a cropped option, we love our Viola – Mid Vintage Recylced Blue. These sit snug around the waist before relaxing through the leg and thigh! 


Canadian tuxedos can be styled with just about anything denim related. However, if you’re not a denim-maximalist and want to opt for a slightly more practical double denim look, we recommend a white t-shirt like our Georgia shirt and a denim shirt which can double as a jacket in the warmer months. 

Our Tamara shirt in dark distressed true blue is the perfect addition to any jeans!


Finish your look with a pair of black boots or sandals and you’re ready for the races! 

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Quality fitting denim is the key to pulling off any denim look. While some trends come and go, #denimtolivein is forever. Shop Mavi’s wide range of premium, style, washes and sizes today!

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