We Found the Easiest Ways to Style Cropped Jeans

What’s not to love about cropped jeans?! They’re eye catching & fashion-forward, they compliment a range of heights and body types AND they show off your shoes (again, what’s NOT to love?!). 

Despite cropped jeans being in and out of the denim scene over the last few years, they've recently regained mainstream popularity and have quickly become a wardrobe staple. 

If the thought of styling cropped jeans is daunting, don't worry, we’re here to help! And we’ve got (really) great news... styling cropped jeans is SO easy!

The Secret to Cropped Jeans:

Repeat after us – “the perfect length for cropped jeans is right above the ankle”

This is the easiest, yet most important 'rule' for cropped jeans. If you take one thing away – let this be it!

The thing with cropped jeans is, if they fall too high above your ankle, they’ll look like you shrunk your jeans. On the other hand, if they are too long, your jeans wont look cropped - which of course, defeats the purpose of wearing cropped denim!


Shoe for Thought...

Be mindful of your shoes!

The beauty of cropped jeans is that they pair well with almost any shoe- trainers, flats, heels, boots – they all look amazing!

Depending on the occasion, we suggest matching your shoes accordingly. If you’re going to brunch, for example, we suggest trainers. If you’re headed out for dinner, we suggest a heel – but you already knew that!

Dressing Up Cropped Jeans:

If you’re ever in doubt as to how to create a more sophisticated look featuring cropped denim, remember, a good blazer and a small heel are your best friends.

Another easy, yet effective tip for dressing up your denim is accessorising. A belt, jewellery and statement making handbag or clutch, go a long way!

Elongate your Legs:

To create the illusion of longer legs while wearing cropped jeans, tuck in your shirt! This will help draw the eye up and add length to your torso. If you're on the shorter side, high-waisted cropped jeans are a great option for you as this will create the appearance of even more length. 

Our Cropped Picks 

At Mavi, our range of cropped denim is one of our most purchased collections and with good reason! We have a wide range of styles and washes for our customers to choose from.

We know it can be a little difficult picking out the right pair, but we’re here to help!

Tess jeans – Black Tribeca

Why we love them: high rise, skinny ankle, black stretch denim made for movement. These are an everyday staple! 

Don't need another pair of black jeans? Don't worry! Tess comes in 5 different washes!

Viola Jeans – White Sand LA Vintage

Why we love them: high rise, straight leg, sitting snug around the waist before relaxing through the thigh and leg. This firm denim is created with cotton and a small amount of added stretch for comfort.

Shop every style of Viola here.

Luna jeans – Mid Blue All Blue

Why we love them: high rise waist and a relaxed leg that slightly tapers at the ankle. Crafted from a cotton rich denim, these jeans are rigid with no stretch, yet still remain breathable enough for everyday wear. 


Still not sure?

Shop more cropped jeans here. We know buying jeans can be a little overwhelming – we’re here to help! If you’re still unsure which Mavi jean is right for you, reach out to us customerservive@mavi.net.au we’ll be happy to help you find your denim to live in!



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