Jeans for Tall Women - Explained and Remedied

Finding jeans that don’t irritate, ride up in places they shouldn’t and last all of 3 months before bursting at the seams is a common problem for all women, not just the taller ladies. Sometimes jeans are uncomfortable; sometimes they don't sit on you in the right way or they get baggy at the knees and ankles.

For women that are 'height-challenged’ (i.e., super tall) this problem is compounded even further.

A lot of jean manufacturers don’t cater for the taller lady and even though you might find jeans that fit, they aren't necessarily designed to flatter your frame.

This is where Mavi comes into play; we understand the needs of the taller woman and we’ve created jeans that work and conform with your shape. We make our jeans in a variety of cuts and lengths, so you can choose what works best for you.

Jean Styles Suited for Tall Women

It's only logical that certain silhouettes and styles suit taller figures more than others. What accentuates and highlights a shorter individual’s features may prove extremely uncomfortable for any woman over 5’10. 

Let's go through a few denim designs for taller women by Mavi Jeans.

Why the Boyfriend Jean Works for Larger Ladies

If you're tall and have a bit of curve, denim boyfriend jeans will work for you. This denim cut fits around the butt and, most of the time, relaxes at the thighs.

This denim style can help to create a balanced silhouette because oversized denim tends to draw attention away from the leg area - However, denim boyfriend jeans are not that easy to find in tall denim styles. We have a range of denim cuts for tall women regardless of your shape or size.


Get the best of both styles with this high-waisted relaxed, cuffed denim. The Kathleen Jeans balances modernity and simplicity - not too loose, but not too tight either. Made from breathable lyocell and cotton, these jeans are perfect for all-day wear without restrictions or itchiness.

Fabrication: 65% Cotton 13% Lyocell 13% Polyester 7% Recycled Cotton 2% Elastane


High Rise Slim Fit Boyfriend Fits slim for the leg offering a relaxed, comfortable fit.

  • 10” front rise
  • 15.5” back rise
  • 15” knee
  • 13" ankle
  • 32" inseam


Every-day but great. EMMA JEANS are your new favourite jeans for every purpose. Whether you're catching up with friends over coffee, enjoying a Sunday stroll or simply lounging around the house - these denim jeans for tall women will not only feel like the most comfortable pair to wear, they'll also be crease-free and ready to go day-in and day-out. Partner them with any Mavi t-shirt or tank to create an effortlessly stylish look that's perfect for every occasion.

Fabrication: 72% Cotton 25% Polyester 3% Elastane
Fit Guide: Model wears a size 26 Jean. She is 178cm Tall, has an 81cm bust, 58cm waist and 86cm hips.

High Waisted Jeans for Tall Ladies

People often say that high rise jeans misinterpret taller women to look taller than they actually are.  This is the case for certain highrise designs that lack taste and design, but the Mavi design team has incorporated mid-rise and high rise silhouettes to flatter a taller frame, elongating the legs in a complimentary way. Our high and mid-rise jeans are designed to sit on the waist comfortably and not too high, avoiding a lengthened illusion.


You'll never want to take these jeans off. Designed with a mid-high rise waist and skinny leg, Alissa will flatter your figure without suffocating it in pleats, pockets or superfluous design details. Made with the most comfortable denim, soft with ample stretch, you’ll barely feel them. Alissa enables you to wear these all day and look good doing it: they stay put, they last long and they don't lose their shape. Keep things casual on this pair of light SUPERSOFT dark denim jeans which can be styled with anything from boots to ballet flats.

Fabrication: 44% Cotton 42% Lyocell 13% Polyester 1% Elastane

Fit Guide: Model wears a size 26 Jean. She is 180cm Tall, has an 86cm bust, 61cm waist and 91cm hips.



Our Alissa Jeans - Indigo Supersoft Chic is made from luxurious denim fabric with stretch for comfort and style. These jeans come in the perfect mid-high rise waist, skinny leg cut that will flatter any figure. With superior fit retention and structure, these jeans will hold their shape wear after wear!

Looking for something similar but in a mid-rise jean? The Alexa Jeans - Mid Supersoft are a go-to.   ​​


Fabrication: 40% Cotton 49% Lyocell 9% Polyester 2% Elastane

Fit Guide: Model wears a size 26 jean. She is 178cm tall, has a 81cm bust, 58cm waist & 86cm hips.

Wide Leg - Fits Better, Looks Better

Wide leg jeans are back for the 2020s and it’s a homage to how versatile they are. Wide leg jeans, in particular, more modern styles like boyfriend jeans, mom jeans and the recently re-trended flares, stay tight around the butt and then widen at the thighs all the way to the ankles. This highlights a tall woman's features, which quite often gets lost when wearing an unflattering pair of jeans.


The Mavi Barcelona Jeans offer individuals a high-rise and wider opening to ensure ultimate comfort and breathability. With the soft, tonal hue of this washed pair, we're sure you'll appreciate the organic fabrication as much as we do. Made from a blend of traditional and recycled cotton, these rigid yet comfortable jeans provide an unrestricted movement throughout wear - so they look great worn with any classic basics.

Fabrication: 80% Cotton 20% Recycled Cotton

Fit Guide: Model wears a size 26 Jean. She is 178cm Tall, has an 81cm bust, 58cm waist and 86cm hips.

Mavi Jeans Australia

Mavi is proudly made in Turkey, home to some of the finest fabric manufacturers in the world.

Mavi Jeans start with the highest quality denim which is then carefully curated into the best fitting and feeling jeans on the market, all at a really competitive price.   Whilst it is great to know where your favourite Mavi jeans are made, it is also important to know that the company behind these classic wardrobe essentials care about the way in which they are made.  We pride ourselves in manufacturing jeans that are responsibly made, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Find more examples of tall denim jeans for tall women in our tall length collection.

If it’s getting to the deep end of the year and things and the days are starting to warm, why not take a quick look at our Summer Edit Collection? There’s plenty there to accommodate any festivals, parties, or casual celebrations this summer.

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