Mavi's Tricks of the Trade: What you Need to Know if You're a Tall Guy

Being a tall guy comes with a long lists of pros, and (a short by comparison) list of cons. 

On the top of the cons list is finding the perfect pair of denim jeans for men – long enough, comfortable enough and stylish enough. Like finding a needle in a haystack….

If you’re buying the wrong jeans, it can exaggerate leg length (think Slender Man) and more importantly, make you feel uncomfortable – something we do not stand for!

There are certain jean characteristics that specifically suit a taller figure and we like to think we know a thing or two about dressing men over 6ft. We know how to create balance and proportion when styling tall-men and we’re here to share our knowledge with you.

What to look for:

Let’s jump right into it. Our goal is to help you find reliably, timeless, comfortable, every-occasion jeans. To do so, there are five main elements that you should consider when you’re shopping for #denimtolivein

  • The Style
  • The Rise
  • Length
  • Wash

The Perfect Pair:

As a general rule, slim to straight, mid rise jeans tend to suit tall-men best. If you remember anything from this article, remember that!! slim-to-straight-mid-rise-jeans.

The Different Cuts:

Straight: Straight leg jeans remain the same width from the knee downwards. Straight cuts are usually made from a heavier denim, making them perfect for guys was a larger build. 

Slim: Slim fit jeans are the pefect mix between skinny and straight. They taper from the thighs to the ankles thus creating more room compared to other cuts.

Slim Straight: Slim straight cuts have a slight tapering but not as noticeable as a straight cut.

Skinny: Skinny jeans hug around the thigh and continue down over the calves and ankles. Skinny jeans are typically made from a stretchier fabric to allow for movement and can be just as comfortable as other roomier cuts, assuming they are made from quality denim.



Our Marcus Jeans - Deep Ink White Edge are a great starting point for tall guys! They're a slim straight cut, with a regular rise. Made from 98.6% cotton and 1.4% elastane, these jeans have added stretch to make the comfortable enough for everyday wear! 

The rise:

Rise is the measurement between the waistline and crotch of the jeans. There are three main rises: low, mid and high.

Generally speaking, low rise jeans will elongate your torso while high rise jeans will elongate your legs. Depending on your personal build, both of these rises can create a look of disproportion.

When it comes to jeans for tall men, we recommend a mid rise. Mid rise falls, you guessed it, midway between your natural waist and belly button. Creating a very balanced look.

Our Zach Jeans are a great option for tall guys! They sit midway between your waist and hips creating proportion! 


Another thing to take into consideration is where the leg hem falls on your foot. These are called breaks.

We recommend a slight-break for men between 6’0” and 6’3”. A slight break is when the hem falls in between the top of your heel and your ankle. 

Really tall men (over 6’3”) tend to suit a full break; when the hem of the jean reaches down to the top of your heel.

If the breaks are hard to wrap your head around, it’s basically where your jean will crease at your ankle (depending on length).


When we talk about wash, we’re basically just referring to the colour of the jeans.

For tall guys, darker denim tends to be the way to go. If you prefer lighter denim, we recommend staying away from denim with contrasting details such as stitching which can accentuate leg length even more.

What's the Take Away

If you’re a tall guy, you’re in luck. Here at Mavi  we have a dedicated collection of jeans for tall men. If you’re still unsure of what will suit you best, please reach out to our customer service team – we’ll help you find your perfect fit!

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