Finding Your Summer Outfit with Mavi

A summer spent in lockdown is a possibility that we're going to neglect and dream of an idyllic reality that involves… freedom. We’re going to savour on the ideas of what we’re wearing this summer, whether it be at a festival, bottomless brunch with friends, or a night out at some of the best bars around town. Some outfit inspiration is required for the upcoming social season. Cue Mavi’s new summer range! But denim is a tricky one, and you can't always resort to the jeans you've been sporting all winter because they're often too heavy or restricting, making summer outings a little too heated. We’ve incorporated light-weight denim, summer silhouettes and on-trend designs made from sustainable denim to accommodate a range of summer outfits this year!

Summer Outfits - Womens

It's been a while since we've experienced the indulgence of a bottomless brunch with a group of friends. When it feels like you haven't really caught up all winter, the morning (or the whole day) almost always gets to the point of uncontrollable belly laughter, reminiscing on untold dating experiences and fun nights out where there is always one culprit in the group that’s done something stupid.

Summer is full of these magical moments, and it seems that there is this unspoken law that you try to look your best. It's not a competition or anything; it’s an appreciation of your friend’s online shopping endeavours. We’re going through a few summer staples that you'll be seeing in the deep end of 2021. From casual summer outfits, summer festival outfits, to the classier kinds.

We hope you enjoy Mavi Jeans’ Summer Edit.

Festival Outfits this Summer

Summer is here, and it's festival season. Your favourite bands are playing, and you've got a great crew assembled, but the wardrobe is looking a little drab, so it might be time to stock up on a few summer items that accommodate simpler times where partying was in fact on the agenda.


Rigid yet comfortable denim shorts, a raw hem and cut inspired by the classic summer denim style. The Millie Shorts sit relatively high on the waist and hug comfortably around the butt, loosening slightly at the opening.

We are really pushing for sustainability at Mavi, incorporating 20% recycled cotton manufactured with environmental practices and ethical labour.

Fit Guide: Front Rise 12" | Back Rise 15" | Leg Opening 25" | Inseam 4"

Model wears size 26 jeans. She is 180cm tall, has a 86cm bust, 61cm waist & 91cm hips.


The Nigel Tank in Grey Lilac is one of our top picks for summer festival outfits. Made of 100% cotton, it's comfortable, free-flowing and cuts at the shoulder line to prevent those awful farmer tans. We’re wearing the Luna Mid Rise Jeans with this cute summer outfit, but the soft lilac palette pairs well with most blue denim from the Mavi range. Fit Guide: Model wears a Size S. She is 178cm tall, has an 81cm bust, 58cm waist & 86cm hips.

Music Festival Fashion

There's nothing worse than being out all day in the sun with jeans that ride up, creating discomfort and killing those music festival vibes that you've been craving all winter. Plus, half the fun of going to these events is getting dressed up (in a comfortable way) and expressing yourself through fashion. Music festival fashion has evolved over the years with huge coverage from festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury. But you have to take weather and terrain into consideration when you're thinking of what to pack. High heels, stilettos, tank tops and sports bras aren't going to do you any good if you're trudging knee-deep in mud and the winds have picked up. Think of where the festival is and what the weather will be like, fingers crossed, summer lives up to what we've all been dreaming of after a pretty difficult year (or is it two?).

Baggy Band T-shirts

Band t-shirts are the perfect medium of self-expression. You get to wear your favourite artist’s designs and show your support to the music industry by purchasing some merchandise. The great thing is that most festivals have a merchandise store you can buy from, it's a little more expensive due to mark-ups, but it's nice to have the option and the fresh perspective after seeing the band right before you buy.

Summer Hats

Hats and accessories are a must at festivals. Past festival fashion has seen flower crowns, sombreros, and Akubras on the popularity list. Whether or not wearing a hat is just a fashion statement, the fact of the matter is that it's offering some form of skin protection, and if you have paired it well, you're ticking both boxes.

Jean Shorts

Jean shorts are a festival staple. You couldn't look past five music lovers and not see a pair of jean shorts. They are practical, and if you're buying from the right brand and find the right fit, they're comfortable and stylish. We also really admire the denim skirt. The Evelyn Skirt Is a pillar piece of inspiration for our new summer range. It exudes summer vibes,  and it's completely unrestricting,  which is a plus for the big paddock tracks back to the campsite and shuffling from stage to stage, rounding up lagging friends that insist on having conversations with every second person at the festival.

Casual Summer Outfit Ideas

You can breathe a breath of fresh air knowing (hopefully) you'll be out of your tracksuit pants & sweatshirts stained by the endless Netflix snack sessions and into some more ‘socially acceptable’ casual summer outfits.


No, we're not entirely ruling out full-length jeans because the Berlin Jeans are still completely summer-appropriate. The Berlin's are an ode to the Dad jeans. Perfect for painting fences on a Sunday afternoon, doubling up as a summer wardrobe staple, creating a diverse foundation to match any crop top, t-shirt, or tank. The distinct rips at the knees and the straight nature of the silhouette creates good airflow. The Berlin's are made from 80% cotton and 20% recycled cotton, manufactured with sustainable practices, quality materials and made with love all the way from the Mavi headquarters in Turkey.

Fit Guide: Model wears a size 26 Jean. She is 178cm Tall, has an 81cm bust, 58cm waist and 86cm hips.


We’re in love with this colour... It represents all the things we love about summer, portraying a free-spirited essence in design and pallet. Featuring a crew neckline, drop shoulder sleeves and a natural oversized fit. The Nile Green - Boxy T-shirt is made from 100 % cotton, and in the summer shoot, we’re pairing it with the Tess Jeans - Grey Supersoft.

Mavi’s Summer Range

Explore Mavi’s Summer Range this year for outfit inspiration at festivals and casual outings. Now that we’re on the other side of lockdown… be safe and have fun!