Why Mom Jeans are Back in Style

Old fashion trends are resurfacing in the 21st century. So why are mom jeans back in style? Well, for mums, mom jeans never went out of style.

Let’s answer some questions. We’ll look at the best places to buy mom jeans, what’s in this season, a bit about the history of their come back, and the differences between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans

Let’s get into it!

What are Mom Jeans?

‘Mom jeans’ refer to the style, silhouette, and cut of the jean; high waist and a baggy leg, with minimal stretch. However, there are many variants floating around these days, like flare and balloon with the addition of ripped, acid-washed, faded, and every possible colour you could think of. But nothing can beat the demand for a pair of straight-up denim, high waisted mom jeans.

Why are Mom Jeans Back in Style?

Denim high-waisted jeans were an adaptation and fashionable spin-off of the 1930s Levi range, undoubtedly designed for comfort, practicality but not so much ‘style’.

Mom jeans (that weren’t called mom jeans at the time) started to surface in film clips and on celebrities, then continued to flood consumers’ homes and wardrobes. Down the line, somewhat 30 years later, the individuals sporting the style through the 90s were all grown up, married, and had kids. Over the timeline, the younger generation started using the term ‘mom jeans’ to identify the specific look and cut of the fashion trend according to what their ‘mums’ were wearing.  As to the surge in popularity in the last decade, only some could speculate that it was the op-shop craze post-2010, where many vintage clothing items were repurposed and thrown back into circulation.

Brands like Mavi Jeans nurtured the fashion trend, creating new and improved versions of the style that have contributed to the influential staple that it is today.

How to Wear Mom Jeans

The main thing is that Mom Jeans are back. With regular shifts in what’s popular, you need to know how to wear mom jeans. Let’s take a look at the Mavi Collection of Mom Jeans, and remember, understanding how to wear mom jeans is a combination of achieving comfort and what best represents your mood for the day.

Mavi Star Jeans in Dark Blue Denim

The Star Jeans - Dark Blue Denim is a high-waisted mom jean that tailors a flattering fit tapering down to the ankles. The slight fade through the thighs and detailed rips transcends an 80s retro vibe.

These mom jeans are made from 93% Cotton, 6% Recycled Cotton and 1% Elastine, so there is a hint of give and flex. The jeans conform to your shape, emphasising your beautiful and natural form.

This season’s recommendation on how to wear mom jeans showcases an ode to keeping things simple.

Let the quality denim do the talking. Worn with a Luna V Neck T-Shirt in White the simplicity complements the Dark Blue Denim. As the style is mid-weight denim, it can be worn through summer; we suggest playing with the upper half according to temperature. If the sun disappears, try it out with a long white shirt knotted at the centre.

Star Jeans - Smoked Grey, Recycled Blue

The Star Jeans in Smoked Grey and Recycled Blue sits comfortably around the waist. Its faded smoke wash complements and matches darker tones.

This season we’re recommending the Smoke Greys paired with the DYLAN  Sweat Toadstool. Made from 100 % cotton, made with a French Terry inner lay, and a high-low hem proves the relaxed fit; this wardrobe essential is on point for day or night outings. 

Star Jeans - Womens Grey Mom Jeans from Mavi Jeans AU

It’s easy to get caught up in what other people are wearing, but what’s most important is what you feel like wearing?! And if that’s a pair of mom jeans, ugg boots and a white tee, then that’s what’s trending. 

Mom Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans

People often get confused around the subject of boyfriend jeans and mom jeans. While some of the differences are subtle, those subtleties can be the very elements that make you love or hate what you’re wearing. Keep in mind we are talking about the classics, with no flare or balloon variations.

The Cut

Mom Jeans are typically roomy around the butt and thighs, then narrow the further you get down. Boyfriend jeans stay loose down the leg and sometimes even flare at the end.

The Waist

Mom Jeans are high-waisted; it’s kind of what they are known for. Circa 90s, you’d often see a pair of mom jeans with an elastic band through the top seam; you’ll be glad to know they are certainly a thing of the past. In comparison, boyfriend jeans sit just a little lower, emulating that low, male cut - with a feminine twist.

The Length

Mom jeans often target the cropped ankle, sitting slightly higher than the boyfriend style. Boyfriend jeans are often baggy fitted around the foot or fashioned with a rolled hem.

Interested in more differences between Mom Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans? Have a read of our article and we’ll highlight the differences plus a few pairs that you have to try on. - Mom Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans.

The Best Place to Buy Mom Jeans

We stock mom jeans in Australia through our online store with free shipping on orders over $80. Mavi Jeans presses for quality materials and prices that are realistic. Our products are made of cotton and recyclable materials, prioritising comfort and sustainability, straight from our manufacturers in Turkey.

Shop for a pair of mom jeans that are long-lasting and look great. 

Mom Jeans by Mavi