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Women Gold Reform

Part of Mavi's premium Gold Collection, Reform's embodied elasticity supports your shape with a strong hold. It’s our version of shape wear denim. About Reform Part of Mavi's premium Gold Collection, Reform technology gives a supercharged power stretch to the fabric and the perfect recovery. With 4 times more hold than traditional stretch fabric, Reform incorporates a hidden synthetic inside the cotton yarn that creates a spring like construction, transforming the silhouette. The stretch fibres in the weft of the denim are spun in a coil formation, like a spring giving greater power to the stretch. This unique ‘Re-call in Shape’ thread technology enables much faster recovery than conventional fabrics, limiting loss of shape & ensuring minimum restriction with high stretch performance ranging from 30 – 50%. What You Will Love: 4 times more hold than traditional denim so they are ultra tight & suck you in. 2 times greater recovery than traditional denim so they hold their shape through a day of wear & washing. Authentic denim character so they look & feel like a true pair of denim jeans & are designed to last Amazingly comfortable & they give your booty a noticeable boost, while slimming your upper thighs, which we love! Shop The Collection Today Updating your wardrobe? It's time to treat yourself. Explore our Sale and get inspired by the latest pieces and style suggestions over on our Instagram page. Free Shipping We make it quick and easy to update your denim collection with free shipping Australia-wide on all orders over $75. If you have any questions or concerns about our denim, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team based in Sydney. We'd be happy to help!