We have had several queries in regard to refunds on ‘gift cards’.  Our conditions for refund only apply to full price merchandise.  In the instance where there is a return on sale merchandise our conditions clearly state that only a credit in the form of ‘gift card’ (no refund) will be issued for future use. Under consumer law where a customer changes their mind on a purchase (ie size or fit not suitable) the customer is not entitled to a refund but a credit.  Mavi has consulted the ACCC on what the obligations are and you can also refer the link below.

Should a customer have a gift card that has been purchased we are bound to refund in that situation and are happy to do so.  Please email with your name, email address, we will access the details and refund accordingly.
Please note that Mavi has always gone above and beyond its obligations on full price merchandise to ensure the customer is looked after but as you may appreciate the costs associated with returns on sale stock ie the cost to pick, pack, process, ship then the same again on the way back mean that refunds on sale merchandise were just not feasible.  Thank you for your understanding.