Mom Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans

The ideology behind boyfriend jeans and mom jeans is quite similar however, there are a few contrasts that could be the difference between your favourite pair and the pair of jeans that sits in your wardrobe and hardly sees the light of day. Mavi Jeans  are all about comfort. We design our seasonal clothing based on how you feel and how you want to look.

We're going to look at the difference between boyfriend jeans and mom jeans and a little history on how the trends gained momentum.

What are Mom Jeans?

Mom jeans are typically high-waisted and supply plenty of room around the hips, with minimal stretch, remaining slim to the ankles.High waisted mom jeans were born out of practicality during the 50s and 60s. Stay-at-home mums needed comfortable clothing to get the work done whilst looking good all at the same time - A task much easier said than done. It seemed that after this particular point in time, the meaning of fashion shifted. It was no longer about wearing what was expected, which was often something incredibly uncomfortable, transitioning into the desire to look good and feel as comfortable as possible (without physically wearing tracksuit pants).

The term ‘mom jeans’ really started to take off in 2010. Op shops and vintage clothing became all the rage, and a large influx of retro-styled jeans were recirculated into the wardrobes of the younger generations. But mom jeans were popular for quite some time, just not so favourable with Gen Z. Amongst many high waisted mom jean enthusiasts, Jennifer Aniston was particularly fond of the style, having worn pairs on multiple episodes of the hit sensation sitcom ‘Friends’.The style has evolved into a wardrobe staple appealing to women of all ages.

What are Boyfriend Jeans?

Boyfriend jeans are an ode to the ‘borrowed from the boy’ fashion movement that stems from the early 20th century. Boyfriend Jeans are typically a relaxed fit that sit comfortably just above the hips, staying tight around the bum and then straightening out to the ankles.

During the First World War, women were required to step into positions of employment that were previously deemed male roles. Under necessity, women started wearing versions of men's clothing to suit the style of work they had been thrown into. There wasn't much publicity around this, as most turned a blind eye to what was once considered indecency. It wasn't until Coco Chanel normalised the fashion shift, publishing a photo of herself wearing her husband's suit pants and jacket. Before Chanel’s controversial displays, it was taboo for women to wear trousers. It was seen as a lower-class alternative to dresses and corsets. It was a bold statement by Chanel,  but one that women needed to hear to break the confines of representation for self-expression (and comfort). Let’s be honest clothing from the 30s and 40s wasn't exactly made from the finest Egyptian cotton.But a rolling stone gathers no moss. The ‘borrowed from the boy’ movement continued to grind and churn on the many tracks fashion had forged.  Marilyn Monroe, the Queen of Hollywood herself, was spotted wearing a pair of ‘boyfriend jeans’ on the 1961 set of Misfits, an American Western drama. The photo made waves, inspiring women around the world to wear what was best suited to their judgement, not others’.

The idea that we need to look our best according to external judgements is an issue that today's society is still battling with. Media platforms, fashion magazines, and influences can be misleading, miscommunicating that worth is measured by your wear.  At Mavi Jeans, we strive to find a complete balance between feeling good and looking good; we’ve always believed that finding both is finding the perfect pair of jeans.Want to find out more about Boyfriend Jeans? Read the full article here - Boyfriend Jeans - What are they and how to wear them?

What is the difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans?

Most who ask about the difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are looking to buy a pair, but they're not sure if the silhouette and cut of the specific style will suit their body shape.  Let's look at the differences between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans.

Naturally, many sub-styles have derived from these two iconic cuts,  but we’ll just focus on cross-referencing the two classics.


Mom jeans are commonly cut off above the ankles. Boyfriend Jeans often hang low, with many styles falling right to the ground. In recent years a folded hem has become quite popular in the boyfriend jeans style. The lower style gives the boyfriend jean a casual vibe, and the increased length is usually paired with a winter’s attire, whereas the exposed ankle from the mom jean’s higher cut completes many summer outfits.


While high waisted boyfriend jeans are in at the moment, traditionally, boyfriend jeans are manufactured and designed to sit just above the hips but not entirely on the waist. There’s no real limit to how high waisted mum jeans can be. This is arguably the most unique attribute of the style and silhouette.


There is a lot of grey area when marking the differences in cut for mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. This is because of the hybrid styles that stem from the classics created to accommodate women that required an element of the boyfriend jean and a characteristic from the mom jean. Typically, Boyfriend jeans widen at the hips and stay loose to the ground creating a baggy straightened fit. Mom jeans are high-waisted, opening up at the hips and then tightening slightly at the thighs, creating a slim cut until the higher ankle.

Mom Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans

So when all is said and done, it comes down to mom jeans vs boyfriend jeans. But the thing is, they are both great and have many similarities that some would argue are hybrids and crossovers. What it really comes down to is preference. Mavi’s fitting guide was created according to a diverse audience. We use quality, sustainable denim and decades of manufacturing and expertise to ensure that we have a size and a style that suits everyone. 

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Explore our collection of mom jeans or boyfriend jeans to find the perfect waist, length, and cut that will conform to your body and deliver on comfort.

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