Boyfriend Jeans - What are they and how to wear them?

High waisted boyfriend jeans have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, and there is pretty much one reason for it. Women just want to be comfortable. Sometimes it feels like you have to wade through a sea of fake denim that cuts circulation, looks a little unflattering and certainly doesn’t do any wonders for the environment, just to get your hands on a decent pair.

Well, we’re going to show you what boyfriend jeans and outfits people are sporting this summer, a little background on the history of the fashion trend, and the struggle that we hear relatively often, Mom Jeans vs Boyfriend jeans. The styles are similar, but some subtle contrasts make a world of difference. 

What are Boyfriend Jeans?

So what are boyfriend jeans? Perhaps you’re looking for a pair to wear this year, or maybe you’re an academic denim enthusiast touching up on some light reading. We will attribute the Boyfriend jeans’ highlights and a bit of history around the influencers that brought the style to the forefront of fashion.

The boyfriend jean is a relaxed fit that sits comfortably just above the hips, it stays tight around the bum and then straightens out to the ankles. There are many variations of the style; some remain tight right down to the ankles, others flare off below the knees, which has brought us to the understanding that the boyfriend jeans is more of a concept than a set style. 

The construct of the boyfriend jean has been taken from a classic straight pair of male jeans, redefined with a feministic touch yet still delivering on the comfort factor. Boyfriend jeans protest the right to feel comfortable and look good.

The History of Boyfriend Jeans

Denim has continued to evolve since the 1870s. Its constant adaptation has shifted on three things, practicality, comfort, and style.

Boyfriend jeans are a take on the classic. Before the First World War, women were required to wear corsets, ankle-length dresses, and clothing that didn't appear revealing in any sense. But social expectations were somewhat stifled during the war due to the nature of work and civic duties. After the war, the desire to wear comfortable clothing remained.

Marilyn Monroe was one of the first celebrities spotted wearing a baggier fit of jeans onset for the American drama western, Misfits in 1961. The look continued to grow in popularity with variant styles coming into play throughout the 80s, supported by other influential women like Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes.

The ‘borrowed from the boys’ fashion movement is less of a fad and more a way of life these days. But it is still evolving on the other side of the spectrum, with celebrities like Jaden Smith and Harry Styles wearing, as some would deem thought-provoking outfits. So commences the ‘borrowed from the girls’ fashion movement.

How to wear boyfriend jeans in summer?

Depending on location and climate, some seem to think wearing denim through summer is odd, but It all depends on the denim’s weight. There are three different weights when it comes to denim; light-weight, mid-weight, and heavy-weight denim.


You want to go for light-weight to mid-weight denim that's still breathable, has flexibility, and isn't going to restrict any movement when things start to get a bit heated.

Summer fashion is quite often simplistic. You want to match your bottom half with one of your favourite t-shirts, one with a great design, it's free-flowing, and it suits all outings. Spontaneity seems to heighten during summer. One moment you're having a glass of wine with your group, the next thing you know, you're going for a sunset swim.  Mavi provides the ideal balance between looking good and feeling comfortable, no matter the terrain or temperature.

Mykonos Jeans - Mid 90s

The Mykonos Boyfriend Jean features a high waist and slightly relaxed leg that finishes at the ankle, making them the perfect everyday boyfriend jean. They are made from cotton-rich denim with a small amount of stretch, giving them a structured yet comfortable fit.

Today Mavi is wearing a Bondi tank with the Mykonos Boyfriend Jeans. The look is free-flowing, simplistic but it holds a large impact.

Fabrication: 98.5% Cotton 1.5% Elastane

Barcelona Jeans - Mid Ripped Organic Blue

The Barcelona features a high rise to accentuate and flatter the waist before opening through the leg into a wide opening. This wash features an unfinished hem and distinct knee rips. Made from a blend of traditional and organic cotton, this jean is rigid yet comfortable.

Today Mavi is wearing  the Mid-Ripped Organic Blue Boyfriend Jeans with the Boxy T-Shirt - Griffin. The style has a hint of grunge to it. The Boxy T-shift continues the ‘borrowed from the boy’ theme and it’s one of our favourites going into summer this year. 

Fabrication: 80% Cotton 20% Recycled Cotton

What shoes do you wear with boyfriend jeans?

So you might have taken a little bit of inspiration from the two outfits that we mentioned above. But what shoes do you wear with boyfriend jeans? For some people, it depends on the silhouette, ankle cut and the time of the year.  For Summer; heels, sneakers, slides, and sandals. For Winter; boots and sneakers, but it’s really up to you. We like to mix things up at Mavi; fashion is an expression of how you feel on a day to day basis. 

Kathleen Jeans

For a higher cut ankle during the colder months.

Joy Jeans - Light Denim

For light-weight denim and lower cut when things start to warm up;

Mom Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans

People often get confused around the subject of boyfriend jeans and mom jeans. While some of the differences are subtle, those subtleties can be the very elements that make you love or hate what you’re wearing. Keep in mind that we are talking about the classics, with no flare or balloon variations.

The Cut

- Mom Jeans are typically roomy around the butt and thighs, then narrow the further you get down. Boyfriend jeans stay loose down the leg and sometimes even flare at the end.

The Waist

- Mom Jeans are high-waisted; it’s kind of what they are known for. Circa 90s, you’d often see a pair of mom jeans with an elastic band through the top seam; you’ll be glad to know they are certainly a thing of the past. In comparison, boyfriend jeans sit just a little lower, emulating that low, male cut - with a feminine twist.

The Length

- Mom jeans often target the cropped ankle, sitting slightly higher than the boyfriend style. Boyfriend jeans are often baggy, fitted around the foot or fashioned with a rolled hem.

Interested in more differences between Mom Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans? Have a read of our article and we’ll highlight the differences plus a few pairs that you have to try on. - Mom Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans.

Mavi Jeans

Mavi - The Turkish word for Blue.

Mavi is proudly made in Turkey, home to some of the finest fabric manufacturers in the world.   Mavi Jeans start with the highest quality denim, carefully curated into the best fitting and feeling jeans on the market, all at a competitive price.