The Best Jeans for Men - Styles, Silhouettes, and Trends

Jeans are the universal staple in any individual’s wardrobe; they are diverse as they are comfortable depending on the brand and fit that suits your build.

So what dictates the best fit? It might be your fashion sense, occupation, stature or preference. Some people wear jeans to make a statement, some simply love them for the sake of convenience. But picking the right pair of jeans is a double-edged sword; one side being that they last a long time and they suit almost every outfit, and the other side of the sword protesting the importance of your decision - if you pick an uncomfortable pair, you're either straight back to the store for return, or you're stuck with them for a long time.

A few styles and comparisons could be the difference between dissatisfaction or getting a pair of jeans that will make a lasting impression. 

Mavi Jeans is a quality, sustainable denim brand and manufacturer that prioritises comfort and style with no compromise. Read further for our guide on the best jeans for men.

The Best Jeans for Men

If you're unfamiliar with the different types, styles, and silhouettes that the men's jeans collection entails. We're going to uncover the best jeans for men, including straight, skinny, and slim, with details on hybrids like straight-skinny and slim-skinny.

Straight Jeans

The most standard option - straight jeans are a classic fit with leg openings that provide more room in the thigh and slightly taper at the ankle. Straight-leg jeans work well on men of all builds because they're not too tight or skinny yet still slimming enough to elongate your legs. The best part about these is you can wear them with almost anything, dress up or down.


Mavi’s Dark Portland Zach Jeans are the perfect blend of professional with an older style feel. The namesake Zach is cut from a super soft and comfortable denim with stretch for ease of movement yet retains its clean look creating a stylish modern conservative touch to these classic jeans.

Slim-Straight Jeans

A newer style, these are slim through the hips and thighs but taper at the knee for a more conservative fit. Slim-straight jeans are ideal for guys looking to achieve an overall streamlined appearance without going too skinny. These pair well with other wardrobe staples because they're not as tight-fitting as some of the other cuts.


Constructed to meet the demands of even the most rigorous lifestyles, our newest denim offers high quality and maximum functionality with a rich heritage. Made with organic cotton, these traditional denim jeans are designed for all-day use. Enhanced with just 1.5% elastane for that perfect balance of stretch and support.

Skinny Jeans

A close cousin of slim jeans, skinny jeans are cut for a snug fit from the knee down. Skinny denim hugs all parts of the leg evenly while still providing comfort throughout the day. Buying quality is essential with skinny jeans; cheaper brands cut corners which impacts the quality of materials used, affecting comfort and the longevity of your denim. 



Stylish and straightforward, this vintage-washed classic denim has a modern feel with a clean silhouette that's perfect for all-day wear. The subtle stretch fabric provides increased comfort for your activities, not commonly found in a pair of denim skinny jeans.

Slim-Skinny Jeans

A hybrid between slim and skinny jeans cut for an even closer fit that hugs all parts of your leg while maintaining comfort throughout the day. As the skinny jean craze has decreased in the last couple of years, the slim-skinny has taken over, finding a content compromise between a little wiggle room from the slim characteristics and the neat look delivered by the skinny attributes.


The Jake Jeans are perfect for the modern gentleman who values style and quality. Our Mavi jeans cut down on waste by recycling water, reuse, and cotton fibres. As a dark shade jean that features subtle texture with a measured amount of stretch to keep you comfortable, these jeans can be dressed up or toned down just as easily.

Sustainable Denim

Mavi is all about sustainable denim. We believe in the power of denim, and we want to make sure that our jeans are as eco-friendly as possible. We work with innovative materials that have a low impact on the environment while making you feel great too.

Mavi is all about creating products for men who care about quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. That's why we've worked with innovative manufacturing technologies to create a sustainable line that’s ticking all the boxes!

Denim is one of the most popular materials in the world. There's a reason why denim has been around for over a century; it's durable, hardwearing and looks great. It also doesn't hurt that there are thousands of different washes available to suit your taste! 

We work hard to create better jeans while using sustainable materials that are kinder to the planet. Help us set and maintain the industry standard - peruse the Men's Jeans Collection for a few ideas on what to wear.

Mavi Jeans Australia

We hope this guide on the best jeans for men has helped uncover some insight into all new and old styles that are on-trend at the moment.

The ideal brand for men's jeans.

Mavi is a premium denim brand that provides quality and sustainable jeans with an eye for style. The Mavi Men's jeans collection includes straight, slim-skinny, slim-straight and other fits in various washes to suit your preference. Visit our website for more details on the best men’s jeans. -

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